About Us

At its foundation in 2019 Promex began by servicing our local Houston community at a residential level doing high quality home improvement concrete projects. With the team growing we have now moved exclusively into commercial territory servicing local businesses for all their asphalt, concrete, and parking lot marking needs. At its core Promex is a growing company with a strong moral compass which guides our leadership to deliver all projects safely, on time, and always in line with the budget. We are not a concrete company. Our company mission is and always has been to cement ideas, expertise, and resourcefulness with the objective of delivering unwavering quality. While our competition does concrete, cementing is what we do.

Core Values


PROMEX firmly believes that the success of any project is directly correlated with our team’s moral compass. As such, we strive to handle all internal and external customer dealings with respect, honesty, and integrity. PROMEX is committed to holding ourselves accountable to a higher level of transparency both in and out of the field.


In its’ early stages the first two employees of PROMEX were family members. Safety on site for PROMEX meant not only taking care of a coworker, but also a family member. Since then, our mission in operations has always been to treat all PROMEX employees, and project colleagues, as family. We believe that it is our duty to ensure that everyone on site gets to return safely to their homes at the end of the workday. To achieve this level of safety we employ a no-fault safety system in which employees feel comfortable reporting accident hazards without fear of being put at fault. Rather than placing blame, we tackle all hazards as a team to ensure the safety of our colleagues.


Our goal here at PROMEX is to furnish a reliable and predictable experience for our client’s on-and off-site. We aim for unwavering consistency from the estimating and pricing to material handling, and project delivery. We understand that regardless of similarity no two projects are the same. However, the process to achieve a well-delivered finished product almost always is the same. When you contact PROMEX you will receive the same attention to detail and care whether we do one or ten projects for your firm.